Patient Participation Group Minutes & Reports

Patient Participation Group Registration

All registered patients are welcome to attend any meeting of the Patient Participation Group without giving prior notice. If you are interested in hearing about the activities of the Patient Participation Group but cannot/do not want to attend meetings please complete the form below to receive newsletters and invitations to contribute to the group activities online.

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Rushey Green and Baring Road

Date of the next meeting and Annual General Meeting:

  • Wednesday 25 January AGM Baring Road Site
  • Monday 6 March Rushey Green Site
  • Wednesday 19 April Baring Road Site
  • Monday 5 June Rushey Green Site
  • Wednesday 12 July Baring Road Site
  • Monday 11 September Rushey Green Site
  • Wednesday 18 October Baring Road Site
  • Monday 27 November Rushey Green Site
  • Wednesday 10 January 2024 AGM Baring Road Site

Neighbourhood 2 PPG Meeting Report March 2017

PPG Report 2014-2015

Click here to view the report.

Minutes of Recent Group Meetings











Patient Satisfaction Survey 2013/2014

OUR SURVEY RESULTS FROM 2013-2014 ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO VIEW – Click here to view the report.

Click here to view the action plan based on the results of our survey